Renault Next Two self driving car that can park itself

The Renault Next Two is designed to take the chore out of driving by doing the work for you. It’s been marketed to drivers with a “hyperconnected mobile lifestyle” so it’s for anyone who needs to be kept in touch with the latest developments. We were thinking of the Next Two as an office on wheels as there is 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi connectivity, but the autonomous functions only work up to 18mph. Since driving is at its most tedious at low speeds on congested roads and in car parks, the Next Two could be pretty useful for drivers who do most of their miles on city streets.

"With Next Two, we wanted to combine the worlds of delegated driving and connectivity," Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said. "Not only will autonomous driving enhance safety, but it will also free up time for drivers. Being connected will enable them to make the most of this extra time by providing them with access to new in-car services such as video-conferences, on-line shopping, travel information and more.”

The Renault self-drive system is far cheaper than the LIDAR one used in the Google car so although it’s not as impressive, it’s far more accessible. The “Automated Valet Parking” function will prove the most popular feature. Not only does it park the car into awkward spots, like those found on city streets, it also picks you up. You can use a smartphone app to tell the car where you are and it will come and pick you up.

Renault hasn't yet said whether the Next Two will make production and they haven't given a price. We’d like the French car maker to put this self-drive system into the Renault Zoe so you’ll have automated low speed driving in an electric car with an 84mph top speed and 87bhp on tap.

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