Renault own brand

Renault UK is launching its own high quality, low price tyre brand, and claims to be the first car maker to offer customers an own brand tyre.

The new Motrio tyre range has been designed with the requirements of older Renault vehicles in mind.

Two patterns of tread have been developed. The Impulsion emphasises driving comfort for smaller models such as the Twingo and Clio, while the Impulsion+ suits the rest of the firm’s range and the more sporty models.

Renault UK service chief Mark Crockett said: ‘After servicing, tyre replacement is the second most frequent reason for a motorist to visit a dealership or workshop and it is also one of the highest value items when maintaining a vehicle. Our new range is very competitively priced and in many cases is significantly less expensive than the premium brands helping motorists to reduce their costs without sacrificing on quality.’

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