Renault’s ‘get you home’ EV guarantee

Renault has announced that it is to introduce a free recovery service for its electric vehicles when they go on sale later this year.

‘Range anxiety’ is one of the biggest concerns potential EV owners have. Basically, if you get in a situation where you’re stranded, what can you do? At least with petrol vehicles a canister of petrol can get the vehicle up and running – but with electric, you’re going to need an extremely long extension lead.

With their ‘get you home’ guarantee, Renault says that it will provide customers with a replacement vehicle. It will assume that you were trying to drive somewhere within the vehicle’s range but were caught short by circumstances that led to you using more electricity, such as a traffic jam.

Renault will be releasing three EVs over the next three years, as seems to be putting its all into making the electric vehicle experience work.

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