Where To Rent A Car In Wales

Car rental can be an essential service when travelling. Additionally, car rental services are great for business executives, weddings and funerals. Finding an affordable car rental company can be a hassle. If you are looking to rent a car in Wales, then there are many affordable and quality services from reputable agencies to choose from.

CJ Rentals

CJ Rentals is located in South Wales. This car rental service will offer you a wide range of quality vehicles with lower rates. CJ Rentals focuses on providing a high standard of customer service. If you are going on a short term trip, CJ Rentals offers two types of compact rental cars starting from £25.00 per day and £30.00 per day. The vehicles they provide are the Corsa hatchback and Vectra respectively. The other vehicle where you can rent a car in Wales is a mini bus. This will cost £55.00 per day. Hiring a car at CJ Rentals features a great benefit to customers. Renters do not have to pay mileage charges.

Wye-Knot Rentals

This car rental service is located right on the border of Wales. The company is a privately owned company that specializes in van, mini-bus, motor homes and car rentals. Customers can choose from a collection of Mercedes “A” class vehicles. Additionally, you can choose from other types of vehicles including the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Mondeo or Ford Galaxy. The service also offers a delivery and collection service within a 20 mile radius within Wales. If you are seeking to travel long distances and for a long period of time, then renting a motor home may be the right choice for you. W.K. Rentals offers 3 types of motor homes, the Sundance 590RS, Sundance 630L and Sundance 530LP. The weekly rates for the motor homes range from £595 per week to £795 per week.

North Wales Car Hire

North Wales Car Hire started in 1980. Their mission is to offer inexpensive and friendly car rental services. They offer competitive car rental rates as well as free pickup services from the train station at Colwyn Bay. This family owned business offers 4 categories of vehicles. Group A includes the Vauxhall Corsa and Toyota Corolla. Pricing starts at £23 per day. The next group includes the Nissan Micra, Toyota Avensis and Hyundai Lantra. Pricing for this group starts at £26 per day. Group C are the higher end cars that include the Ford Mondeo, Toyota Saloon and Ford Focus. Pricing for this group starts at £31 per day. The fourth group includes the Ford Galaxy Zetec which is at £59 per day. Individuals seeking a rent a car in Wales from North Wales Car Hire must show a valid driving license, proof of address or passport.

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