rented cars - it's not really yours, do you want it?

Rented cars are going to work out very costly if you don't have a definite time frame in mind. Sometimes your own car can let you down at the worst possible time and you really need to be mobile in a hurry. Renting a car can seem like a great idea at the time but, if you don't know exactly when your car will be ready or what's wrong with it, a short term rental can have to be extended.

Car hire may look attractive when you're going on holiday and you can drive yourself around everywhere but when you weigh up the actual cost versus the local public transport you realise that convenience versus financial sense isn't necessarily a good approach. Obviously the amount that you spend on hiring a car will largely depend on the type of car that you go for. If you're looking for a prestige car or a people carrier, be prepared to pay for it.

If it's looking like you might need a car for more than a week, looking into a lease option might save you money. Car rental companies work on the premise that the rental will be of a short term and they price accordingly. There is more scope within the timeframe of a lease hire agreement which means you have peace of mind within your budget.

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