Repossessed cars auctions uk

It’s a sad fact that people get in over their heads with credit and find that their possessions are repossessed in order to cover their debts. Some of these are small business owners who aren’t able to meet their creditor’s demands for payment while others are residents who can’t keep up their repayment plan. Whatever the circumstances, this puts vehicles on the market at knock down prices. Read on and we’ll tell you which repossessed cars auctions in the UK are worth a look.
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John Pye Auctions

John Pye Auctions run a series of auctions across the country that sell used and repossessed cars. You’ll find auctions in North London, West London, Nottingham, Peterborough, Plymouth, Bristol and Sheffield. You can use johnpye.co.uk to check out the cars coming up for auction and in some cases online bidding is allowed. You’ll find cars, caravans, motorbikes and vans here, so whether you’re looking for yourself or on behalf of your business, you should be able to bag a bargain.

Repossessions UK

These guys are agents for several major banks and finance houses so they normally get their hands on vehicles that have reached the end of their lease, repossessed cars and commercial vehicles. You can explore their full range at repossessions-uk.com and then you can buy from their site. Although they don’t run auctions, this is a site that’s worth a look because you’ll still get a great price.

TLH Auctioneers

TLH Auctioneers run public auctions for seized cars and bikes on a regular basis. Auctions are run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and bidders are welcome to have a look at the stock ahead of time. If you’re successful through one of their online auctions, you’ll need to get yourself down to Oldham in Lancashire to pick up the vehicle, so this is an auction site that’s only worth your time if you live within driving distance of Oldham.

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