Where to Find Repossessed Cars

Car repossession can happen for a variety of reasons. Car owners may have stopped making payments, the courts may have enforced a judgement to satisfy other debts or the car owner may have abandoned the vehicle. Although repossessed cars may be a bad situation for the original car owner, there are also benefits to investors or consumers who are seeking to purchase a car at a bargain. There are many groups that are repossessing cars and either reselling or auctioning off the cars. Entities include banks, law enforcement and auction houses are all places where consumers can get deals on repossessed cars.

Repossession Websites

Consumers have the option to purchase repossessed cars without leaving their home. Website owners aggregate and list repossession information, providing this data to interested buyers. Web visitors have the ability to sort through various repossessions auctions throughout their local area. Repossession websites are an effective way to gain access to auctions of repossessed vehicles.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are one place that specializes in all types of auctions. Auction groups research and locate vehicles that have been repossessed and purchase them as part of their repossession inventory. Some auction houses focus on speciality vehicles. These vehicles include classic automobiles, custom made cars or limited edition vehicles. This allows the auction house to better market and caters to a special group of buyers of these types of vehicles. Also, the auction houses have the ability to gain a higher selling price during the auction.


Public auctions are typically listed in your local newspaper. Consumers interested in repossessed cars can obtain their town newspaper and navigate to the classified ads or public auctions section of the paper. Public auctions are listed because it is public information regarding bankruptcies as well as public auctions that are taking place. Usually, the information that is provided is only the date, time and location that the auction is taking place. Additional information includes the year, make and model. Further investigation typically has to be researched by the buyer. Purchasers will have to investigate whether there are problems or issues with the car.




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