Revised Peugeot 107 Offered for 2009

The retooled version of the Peugeot 107 now offers better fuel economy at 62.7mpg and reduced emissions at 106g/km on the standard five-speed manual shift, and 61.4mpg and 107g/km on the 2-Tronic automatic.

Sister car to the Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo, the Peugeot 107 shares the same 1.0-litre, three cylinder engine used by the other two. With 68bhp pushing the car from 0 to 62mph, clocking in at 14.2 seconds. The engine enjoys being redlined and is quite sporty, it won’t complain weaving in and out of flowing traffic. As already mentioned, fuel economy is its strongest point. The 107 is stable and agile, handling like a go-kart; and can make tight manuevers to park into tight spaces.

The 107 has new body styling and a new interior. Sold in Urban Lite—electric power steering, driver and passenger airbags, a CD stereo, ABS, and stability control; and Urban Trim—remote central door locking, electric windows, split folding rear seats, body-coloured door mirrors and door handles, side-rubbing strips, as well as a special edition Verve—with comes standard with air-conditioning, rev counter, 14 inch alloy wheels and Mandarin Orange paintwork.

The Peugeot 107 was developed by Toyota, so reliability and quality is more than guaranteed. The 2009 model year Peugeot 107 has gone on sale at prices starting from £7595.

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