Road tolls in the UK

The government aren’t as keen as some other nation’s leaders to tax us with toll roads, perhaps that's because they make a lot of money from fines, the road fund tax and duty on fuel. But that doesn’t mean our roads are toll free. As many of us know the amount of road tolls in the UKis low but that doesn’t mean we’re ready for more.
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M6 Toll

Who uses this 27 miles of six-lane motorway when they’re heading to Birmingham? Most of us stick to the M6. Perhaps British drivers aren’t quite ready to pay for road so directly. It isn’t hugely expensive though so maybe more of us should use it. You’ll be expected to fork out just over £5 if you’re driving a car and around £11 if you’re a HGV driver.

UK road pricing schemes

Although these aren’t technically toll roads in the traditional sense, you have to pay if you’re going to use these networks so they’re toll roads in all but name. The most obvious example is the London Congestion zone. For those who don’t already know, this is an area of central London which you’re charged to enter in a car between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. The charge stands at a little over £11 per day but you’ll have a £200 charge if you don’t pay. Durham has a similar albeit smaller congestion charge scheme that aims to do the same as London by limiting traffic.

Final word

People pay enough already for the privilege of motoring in the UK. Road tax, high insurance costs and of course exorbitant fuel charges that are artificially increased by yet more taxes, make motoring a very expensive way of getting around. Thankfully there are very few toll roads in the UK. Perhaps if the government ever think of making more, they should consider raising the speed limit on them. As time’s money, we reckon that would get people off the M6 and onto the M6 Toll.

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