Road trip around Australia

With Jingers Jaunts you can ship your car, whether 4x4 or a Mini, to Australia before undertaking a 6000-mile road trip, starting and finishing in Sydney while taking in the Great Barrier Reef, and indulging in 'the perfect sunshine, beaches and five-star service' of the east coast of Australia.'

Tim 'Jingers' Riley claims to have considerable experience of rallying and expeditions across the world, and has planned the 'friendly and challenging' trip after a similar expedition in New Zealand last year.

'We will arrange everything from the shipping of your own car or the hire of a vehicle locally,' said Mr Riley. 'We can ship vehicles into Australia from virtually anywhere in the world whether it's a classic car from the 30s or a modern 4x4,' he added.

You can choose between relatively easy and tougher routes, while there are regular rest days at places of interest. The only catch? The price. For two people that'll be £42,000 – a pretty penny indeed.

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