The new Mini Rocketman goes back to the 60s roots of everyone’s favourite diddy car. The Rocketman will be an instant hit for purists who have criticised the recently-made BMW minis that are much larger than the original 60s vehicles.

Last year’s Countryman model was 13ft 5ins – leading some to dub it the ’Maxi’.

But Rocketman follows the original iconic design more closely, measuring a little over 11ft in length and 6ft in width.

The Rocketman will be on show at (you guessed it), the Geneva International Motor Show next month. It will be taken to other car events, and copious notes will be taken on the public’s reaction.

Marketing director Ian Robertson said: ‘We will assess re-action to the Mini Rocketman before deciding on whether there is a case for it to be a production car.

‘Mini has a great past, but the best is yet to come.’

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