ROLL UP! £5,000 free money!

There are two reasons why we’re constantly force fed a need to lower our carbon footprint. The biggest guilt ridden reason is something they call ‘the environment’ and the need to ‘do it for our children’s children’ although the debate that CO2 is causing climate change is still on going. The other and the most important reason is...petrol ain’t gonna last forever mate.

Up until now the British government has been talking the talking and not walking the walk when it comes to encouraging us to do what we can, with regards to the common car and lowering CO2. The Plug-in Car Grant is offering £5,000 to consumers who are willing to trade in their used car for an ultra-low carbon one.

The Plug-in Car Grant will kick in from January 2011 but the one major flaw is prices for the ultra-low carbon cars begin at £25,000.

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