Rolls-Royce Tallies Record Sales in 2008

Luxury carmaker, Rolls-Royce announced that its 2008 car sales grew by 20 percent over the previous year. This is the fifth consecutive year the company has marked an annual sales increase since 2003.

Strong demand for the Phantom fleet of cars buoyed market performance, and the popular four-door Phantom saloon and Extended Wheelbase models accounted for half of all sales. New sales were brought in by the introduction of the Phantom Coupe and the Phantom Drophead Coupe in the summer of 2008 did well in the marketplace even when other car makers were affected by the economic slump. The Phantom Coupe and the Phantom Drophead Coupe each cost $400,000 plus any additional options, and like Bentley’s cars, are mostly custom handcrafted using the finest materials and cutting edge technology.

Chief Executive Officer, Tom Purves said, . “Once again much of this success lies with the highly skilled and dedicated workforce that we have at Goodwood. This is a tremendous result and particularly gratifying considering the challenging economic environment manufacturers faced in the second half of 2008.”

North America garnered 38 percent of all Rolls-Royce cars bought last year; the company’s biggest market. Sales in Northern Europe grew by 95 percent and the Middle East also grew by 48 percent. The Asia Pacific region also experienced market growth.

Rolls-Royce is gunning for the moon again this year by introducing a new model series, code named RR4, late this year.

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