Romance Rage

We’ve all done it, had a row with the other half (you were right, they were wrong - naturally) and to calm yourself down you get some air with a little post-fight drive. But, according to a new poll, these post-fight drives are more dangerous than you first thought.

Dubbed Romantic Rage by insurance company More Than, the bods that conducted the survey (to get people to buy their insurance no doubt) have found that one in eight drivers who have a lovers tiff have had an accident behind the wheel afterwards - and one five confessed to driving like a maniac on the road.

Honey Langcaster-James a psychologist said: ‘Being upset, angry or frustrated with a partner or lover is a sure-fire way to distract from safe and responsible driving. With personal issues racing through their mind, drivers are at risk of subconsciously releasing tension by driving fast, or on the other hand being distracted by their heartache.’

So next time you have a little domestic, it may be worth letting your other half take the car for a drive to calm down instead of you.

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