Ronnie's new Ferrari

Cristiano Ronaldo is a hero to many, but judging by his new motor you'd wonder whether the Portuguese wing maestro also had a taste for fighting crime – as it bears more than a passing resemblance to a batmobile.

The wide man's Ferrari 599 GTO was photographed outside a Japanese restaurant in Lisbon. It is black with blacked out windows, just like the caped crusader's.

Ronaldo is well known to have a penchant for fast and flashy supercars. You've got to have something to do in your spare time! But the footballer famously wrote off his red Ferrari 599 GTB in a tunnel in Manchester in 2009 while en route to Manchester United's training ground. He emerged shaken but not stirred before taking a breathalyser, which came back negative.

The Real Madrid player's super fleet of super cars is said to be worth around £2 million, with his latest addition thought to have cost him 350,000 euros, according to reports in the Portuguese press.

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