Room details and prices for the Formula One Liverpool Hotel

The Formula One Liverpool Hotel is part of the Formule1 chain of hotels. These hotels are found around the world providing comfortable rooms for the lowest possible price. All guests enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast during their stay for an additional fee.


Hotel Formule1 is in the heart of Liverpool at 25 Wapping, Baltic Triangle, across the street from the entrance to Albert Dock. The 87-room hotel is a couple blocks from The Beatles Story, Wapping Dock and Liverpool One. The University of Liverpool and Liverpool Playhouse are a few minutes away. Many Liverpool attractions are within walking distance of the budget hotel. Three rail stations are close by and the hotel does offer parking for an additional fee.

Room Details

Hotel Formule1 offers standard rooms with basic amenities. There are one or two beds, windows and a television. All guest rooms have a sink, but toilet and shower facilities are shared with others on your floor. There are no en suite rooms at the Formula One Liverpool Hotel. The standard rooms fit up to three people and optional services, such as half board or full board are available for an additional fee once you check in. As of 2011, buffet breakfast plans start at £3.20 per day.

Hotel Rates and Guarantees

As of 2011, Formula One Liverpool Hotel offers rates as low as £40 per night. Bookings are handled at the hotel’s website (HotelFormule1.com) or by AccorHotels.com. When you book through HotelFormule1.com, if you find a lower price at a competitor's website, they will match that price and take an additional 10 percent off. Booking in advance entitles you to the lowest possible rates.

The hotel also offers a promise that their rooms are clean and comfortable. If you find a problem with cleanliness or hygiene in their hotel, they will give you a free night's stay at any Formule1 hotel.

Save money on your hotel and enjoy having extra funds for entertainment during your holiday. Stay at Formula One Liverpool Hotel and enjoy a clean, comfortable room.

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