The suggestion that professional drivers are responsible for 80 percent of the 'clever stuff' seen on Top Gear has been dismissed by the show's presenter Jeremy Clarkson as 'rubbish'.

Claims in the Mail on Sunday that footage of a professional driver's work were cut into that of the presenter's in order to create the impression of some impressive driving skills have been angrily rejected by the show.

While not denying that pros were used in order deliver better results in a short time frame, Clarkson rounded on those who accuse the show of somehow faking its output."It is complete rubbish. If I say I drove a Lamborghini and got to 207mph then that's what I did. I was in the car," he told the Sun newspaper, Clarkson's official mouthpiece.

'I'll challenge whoever says I wasn't doing that to come to the track. I'll stick them in the car and do it again. But they better bring a sick bag.'

Macho words from a macho man. Clarkson has blamed a 'disgruntled driver' for making the accusation, and explained that the show employs 'loads of them', and sacks them according to Clarkson's whim and if they don't cut it.

Top Gear has admitted in the past the show has used the help of pro drivers, and they are most often used if the crew has to return and get a 'pick up shot' that is missing from the original footage.

Amusing how vehmently Clarkson reacts at a slight to his driving credentials, while more ugly news stories, like the racist slight made against Lenny Henry and the whole Mexican jibe-gate he brushes off his shoulder like a piece of dandruff from his tousled mop!

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