Running your motor

With petrol costs sky high, running a car is a more expensive business than ever. While some of us can opt to use public transport we unfortunately don't all have that option. But how much does it actually cost to run a car?

Well, of course that depends on a number of factors like your insurance premium and how many miles you drive. But let's assume you drive a bog standard £12,000 to £16,000 4 door hatchback, and that you're a 30 year-old driver doing 10,000 miles a year.

Of course you've got your initial essential costs to get your car out there on the road. Road tax: an average of £165 a year, and then insurance: the average for a fully comprehensive policy being arounf £805.

Already quite high. Then you've got the biggy – petrol cost. Assuming a cost of £1.33 a litre, and with this kind of car the AA estimates you spend 14.52p per litre, then doing 10,000 miles in one year will cost you £1452.

Add on top of that general maintainance costs of £317 a year, and parking, tolls and congestion totalling an additional £180, and you're looking at a total of £3023.85 each year.

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