Safety Features of Saab Cars

Saab cars are well known worldwide for their prominent safety features. Manufactured by safety engineers who understand the demanding Scandinavian climate and icy roads, its safety features are rooted on the company's advanced knowledge of aviation. These factors have been taken into consideration in the manufacturing of its latest model, the Saab 9-5. A multitude of insurance companies and safety surveys have ranked Saab as among the top in the list in crash prevention. Also, it's safety innovations have been known to minimise the effects of actual car crash and collisions.

When purchasing a car, safety should be a major factor in the purchase decision. Thousands of lives can be saved if this is a major priority. The Saab's latest safety innovation and designs are geared towards what real-life situations on the road are. This ensures that you will have the highest protection.

Design Framework

The Saab’s cage design structure is built sturdily to provide maximum protection during car crashes. The interior of the car is systematically designed to help diminish the force of the collision on the vehicle occupants regardless of size, height, seating position and age. The newest model have active head restraints in the front seats which minimizes head injury during a rear-end collision.

Interior Design

The ergonomic cockpit is designed to give comfort and safety to the passengers and driver. It's night panel and innovative sleek dashboard enables a comfortable and secured driving experience. The car's interior has an adjustable upper belt on the front rear seats, head airbag in the front seats, advanced side air bags and a child seat anchor bar for infants. There is also an update of features from the prior model. These include the new automatic trunk release, energy management feature, day time running lights and auto crash notification system.




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