Saab revs up to revive sales

Operation Get Saab Back On the Map has been launched in the States with a new advertising campaign that tells the story of the car-maker to remind consumers just what the Swedish brand is all about.

It’s all part of an attempt to revive flagging sales following the sale of the company by GM Motors Co last year.

‘The idea behind the campaign is independent thinking,’ said Saab’s Nicole Jankowski in a statement. ‘But, most importantly, it will let everyone know that Saab is back, here to stay and that we never went away - what we stand for and who we compete against.’

The Story of Saab campaign will be previewed on the firm’s Facebook page the day before it goes on air on TV in the US. Saab has also asked the public to post their own ideas for advertising the company, one or two of which will be used in future ad campaigns.

That’s a bit like asking the public: How do you want us to beguile you?

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