Saab’s new Sportswagen

All eyes will be on the new Saab 9-5 Sportwagon at the Geneva show in March. The new Saab will be making its public debut there and Saab plan to open the order books at the same time, with the new car in showrooms from September.

The Sportwagon uses the same rear doors as the saloon, with the backend styling similar in shape to the previous 9-5 estate.

Insiders at Autocar have called the Saab an ‘imposing machine’. It’s over 5m long, and space in the boot measures 527 litres seats up and 1600 litres seats down.

You will be able to opt for a powered tailgate and there’s also a ‘multi-fold floor’ and U-shape aluminium load rail for luggage space.

The new Saab Sportwagon will have the same range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines as the saloon car.. It will also come with the celebrated Saab XWD 4x4 transmission. Its price is set to be announced at Geneva, though expect the premium to be around £1500 more than the saloon.

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