sale cars are everywhere but is it really a good deal?

Sale cars are literally everywhere you look. Not only do garages and dealers promise to give you the best value around, even enterprising individuals are annexing grassy verges or gateways with cars that all bear the "for sale" sign. For those that are starting out, those that can't get finance or those who simply like the look of these cars, buying a used car is an attractive proposition as it removes heavy finance payments and the very real threat of repossession.

If you buy a used car at low cost then it's yours and yours alone. This could be the start of something beautiful and you could be motoring away contentedly with very little issues or you could run into difficulties as soon as you drive away after handing over the money.

Garages and dealers will charge higher than the private sale option but, as they generally offer even a 3 month warranty, buying from them might prove to be a wise move. In fact most garages offer a range of quality used cars that have a guarantee of roadworthiness and have been rigorously tested by their own mechanics before being for sale at all.

The private sale is an altogether different prospect and while the price might seem right, the reasons for that price may be totally wrong. It wouldn't be unheard of for someone to sell on a car knowing that the head gaskets were going or that the engine wasn't right since the timing belt snapped. Unscrupulous people are out there and if they can make money while ridding themselves of a problem then they will do so. Always but always bring a mechanic with you. There are those that specialise in checking over used cars for a prospective buyer and they charge for this service but, if it saved you buying a four wheeled monster, it is well worth it.

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