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Sale cars sit in every forecourt. As the government extended the scrappage scheme this enabled buyers to trade in their old car for a brand new model with up to 3000 off the asking price. This works out well for the majority of people trading in cars that would be difficult to sell privately.

Ordinarily, trade in offers from a garage can be quite low and some owners are surprised at how little their car is worth which is why the scrappage scheme is so beneficial. It's not only the scrappage scheme that makes cars such good value right now. Many main dealers are advertising through the Internet and they have specific "cars of the week".

Sites such as Donedeal, CBG and Beep Beep are used by both private and commercial sellers. The advantage of looking through these sites is that you can enter specific information,such as the make, model and price, and then the site sources the available cars that match your criteria. This gives you an idea of how realistic your expectations are and if your budget matches them!

If you are thinking of a getting a brand new car, main dealers such as Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai all offer finance packages. While finance is not always easy to get, their sales advisers can discuss the options with you or, in some cases, you can apply through their website for quotations. As the car Market is so competitive, it pays to shop around. Peugeot run offers throughout the year that includes a years free road tax on selected models.

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