Saroléa returns to racing with electric superbike SP7

Saroléa was the first Belgian producer of motorcycles, and one of the first producers of motorcycles in the world.

The factory was established in 1850 as a weapons factory by Joseph Saroléa, and then began making bicycles and then started manufacturing motorcycles and racing them, but by World War II the company's production had declined and the motorcycles they were building were produced for military use by the Belgium Army.

In 1963 the company closed and now fifty years later the Belgium marque is making a comeback to the world of two-wheel racing, but this time they are going electric and will be competing in the 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero and the FIM eRoadRacing series with the new Saroléa SP7.

The Saroléa SP7 electric superbike is built almost entirely from carbon fiber, and features a monotube frame chassis and a carbon fiber monocoque swingarm and with the extensive use of lightweight alloys the bike weighs in 200 kg(441.5 lbs).

With a top speed of 250 km/h (155.4 mph), the new Saroléa is powered by a 400 Nm (294.8 lb-ft), 180 hp motor, and has a direct chain drive, no clutch and a single speed design and employs regenerative braking and can accelerate from 0 - 100 km/h (0-60 m/h) in just 2,8 seconds.

The company and the team is run by Torsten Robbens, who designed the Saroléa SP7, and Robbens is a former winner of the SPA 1000 and Le Mans 1000 KM, who then worked in Formula 1 and was the youngest team manager ever to win the Le Mans 24, and was the team manager for Audi Sport Japan team Goh.

At the moment it is unknown who the rider will be for IOM TT Zero, while Belgium supersport and endurance champion and Vice world champion e-Power Thijs De Ridder who helped developed the SP7 power train will be riding the Saroléa in the eRoadRacing series.

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