Save money on your driving

Driving precisely can help us reduce fuel usage and CO2 emissions. Join the AA's new Drive Smart programme and learn to squeeze as many miles possible out of a gallon of unleaded petrol. With the average family spending an extra £350 on fuel this year compared with 2010, and the course fees just £50 it could be a wise investment.

The AA claims that studious graduates can save up to £500 a year on fuel bills and, perhaps more importantly, save about one third of a ton of CO2 from being pumped into the atmosphere annually. It estimates that its 800 newly qualified Drive Smart drivers save a combined £130,000 a year and, over 50 years, could save £6.5 million.

London instructor Chris Watkinson claims that driving at 70mph uses 9 percent more fuel than driving at 60, and around 15 percent more than at 50 mph.

'Gear-changing and braking kill better fuel consumption,' says Chris. 'But never compromise safety for eco; be prepared to adapt your style.'

The AA is not the only organisation dishing out motoring advice: the Institute of Advanced Motoring is getting in on the act too. Courses at the IAM specialise in mpg management. Neil Greig, director of policy and research, says: 'It’s no longer an ethical choice; it’s now a money-saving essential. The best fuel-saver is a light right foot and anticipating the road ahead. You should be able to save around 10 percent.'

A we rev our motors, we think that sounds just purr-fect.

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