Schumacher to make hay in paddock party

He may not quite be able to cut it among the crop of young F1 drivers, but considering it's 20 years since Michael Schumacher's debut in an F1 car, he's looking good and is a fantastic role model for the younger generation of racers.

And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his F1 debut, the seven time world champion has decided to throw a party and invite members of the formula one paddock.

In less than ten days, when the German lines up at Spa-Francochamps, two decades will be marked since his debut on the same circuit in 1991. Schumacher, aged now 42, and with seven titles and 91 wins the most successful F1 driver ever, is to mark the occasion with a special black and gold cap that will feature gold stitching for his sponsor DVAG and his autograph and gold laurels on the peak.

>The German grand prix this weekend will be the first time Schumacher races through the turn 8-9 section at the Nurburgring since it was renamed in his honour. 'Obviously I would like to believe that this is not only making me proud, but also even faster,' said a mischievous Schumy.

And the seven time champion also revealed to the assembled media at Mercedes' Stuttgarter Sternstunden event that he has organised a party.

'It will be a special moment for me,'Cologne newspaper Express quotes him as saying. 'I will invite the whole paddock for a drink on Saturday evening.'

We just hope the paddock won't be driving home that evening!

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