Low cost Scooter exhausts

Scooter exhausts can be expensive to replace if you try to buy directly from a shop or garage but they are actually very cheap if you look online. there are lots of great websites that offer really low cost exhausts so let's take a look at what's on offer.

eBay is always a great way to shop for second hands parts. eBay use an auction system where they person bids on the item and the highest bid gets to take it away. This is an amazing way to get really low cost or second hand replacements.

We found an amazing deal on the Sports Exhaust Jmstar JSD50QT-13 50cc Scooter exhaust on the ebay.co.uk website. We actually found it for only £45! This is an amazing price for such a great piece of kit and it can cost up to £100 before install if you bought from a garage. That's more than 50% saving, we're sure you can think of better ways to spend that extra £50.

If you just want to browse lots of exhausts and scooter parts then maybe the adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk website is much more up your street. Instead of having to look for individual parts like eBay, you can actually browse much more like a shop.

The have a large selection of accessories and parts for you to choose from so have a browse and see what's on offer. You will have a great choice of Tecnigas exhausts but they will cost you a little extra. They start at around £60 and go into the hundreds. eBay will always be cheaper but there is less to choose from.

Check out these two great websites and see what scooter exhausts you can find for cheap!

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