Which websites should you visit to buy second hand car parts online?

For most drivers the cheapest way to get genuine car parts is to visit a scrap yard. Some of their components have many years of working life in them, so reusing them makes a lot of sense. Until recently, these second hand car parts weren't online, so you had to rely on your local scrap yard.

Local yards

In the past, motorists were restricted to a small number of local yards, but today quality used parts are available online. Websites like breakeryard.com and 247spares.co.uk offer a comprehensive selection of parts because they open up the nation’s salvage yards to all.

Specialised parts

In the UK there are several specialist car breakers that only dismantle one type of car. Tracking these down can be difficult, so if you need a part for an imported car, for example, you may not even consider a scrap yard. An online scrap yard directory puts all stock at your fingertips which could provide you with the part you need at a price you're willing to pay.

Selling your scrap car

If you have a car to sell, you can use these websites to locate your local dealer. This brings the process full circle, as your parts will be recycled back into the database.

Reputable sellers

Unlike auction sites such as ebay.co.uk, each scrap yard featured on these sites is checked and monitored to make sure that they deliver the quality and service that will keep customers coming back. You can be assured that buying second hand car parts online through a network of scrap yards puts you in business with reputable sellers.

Final word

Whether you need the parts to replace broken components or if they are for an improvement to your car, you will find the cheapest second hand car parts online. The quality of the part can't be confirmed by the website, but when you search for a part, you are quoted a part’s price and the yard’s guarantee period, which is at least 60 days.

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