Check out these second hand Electric Bikes for sale on eBay

If you are thinking about buying an electric bike then you may well have been turned off by the high prices involved. Yet you do not have to shell out a fortune to get your hands on one of 2011's hottest new pieces of equipment. Savvy shoppers have been turning to auction sites like eBay to purchase second hand bikes for discount prices. Here's a look at some current second hand electric bikes for sale on eBay

eBay seller Rutland Cycling is currently offering an Izip Trekking Enlightened Electric Bike for the knock down price of £799. This model usually retails at £1500, so this represents a massive saving of £700. This bike comes with 24 gears, front suspension, an aluminium frame and V type disc brakes. The motor is an alloy shell DC brushless steel geared motor, powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. As an eBay rated top seller with a positive feedback rating of 99.7%, you can be sure to trust this reliable seller.

For a much cheaper option, seller Hektar1 is currently offering an Electroped bicycle with a plastic frame, basket and gear system from only £51. The seller offers free pickup but warns that the front of the bicycle is currently removed.

May3874 meanwhile has a Meerkat Electric bike for sale, starting from around £102 including free pickup for those based in the south of England. This bike has some cosmetic wear and tear but is otherwise in full working condition. With an ordinary retail price of at least £550, this is a great discount option for someone looking to buy their first electric bicycle.

So there are plenty of second hand electric bikes for sale on ebay at the moment. But remember to keep checking, as new listings are bound to appear. And remember when bidding to keep an eye on prices as auctions end as late bidders can often gazump your own bid. It is also advisable to look at a seller's reputation before parting with any amount of cash.

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