Things to check when buying second hand mobility scooters for sale on eBay

Are you thinking about increasing your mobility options by picking up a Mobility Scooter from eBay? If you are, then don't go splashing the cash until you have perused our guide to buying second hand mobility scooters for sale on eBay. After all, you don't want to get stuck holding on to a dud!

eBay is the perfect place to pick up a cheap mobility scooter, and a quick glance at the site reveals a massive amount of scooters for sale, often at really low prices. So what do you need to look out for when buying? Our first tip is to check how fast the scooter will go. If you're going to be riding it on the road, you need to get a model capable of at least eight miles per hour as you don't want to be responsible for causing any road rage!

Next is to consider the type of terrain the Scooter will be used for. If it's mostly going to be used indoors, then pick one up that has a tight turning circle and lots of maneuverability. If you'll be using it outdoors, then make sure it can handle rough ground and uneven pavements. So a bit of power under the bonnet will be required.

Most of our tips seem to revolve around getting a powerful model, but if you live in an area with hilly terrain, then it's absolutely vital you get a model with some more horse power. You don't want to take it for a test drive and then discover that it is useless for getting you from A to B.

Our final tip is to consider the portability of your scooter. If you can get a fold up model, it will make things far easier as it will allow you to transport the scooter a lot easier in any form of vehicle.

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