Second hand VW vans for sale in the UK

Second hand VW vans for sale in the UK often cost quite a bit. The VW camper has managed to remain cool since the sixties, it never really seemed to go out of style so people have been buying and selling them since the day they first hit the road.

While these vehicles are incredibly cool there are lots of problems that come with them.  Since they are from the 60's they are absolute gas guzzlers, they literally drink petrol. They are also tiny, while you might be planning a road trip for you and lots of your friends you will have trouble fitting more than four people.

If you are travelling in the winter you will also have to install proper heat insulation. This machine would be like a freezer in colder climates. People always seem to forget that all the modern vehicle conveniences will be completely absent from this vehicle. So it really needs much more money than you pay for it put into getting it up to modern standard.

Since they are so cool and totally worth doing up, here's where to start looking. Hit up the Preloved (http://www.preloved.co.uk) website and see what they have on offer. For an original 60's van your looking at around 15k.

We found a stunning splitty (traditional split paint job) 1963 VW camper for £15,950, you gotta pay for this level of style! It is in near perfect condition and still runs the like it did when it rolled out of the factory.

If you don't find anything that suits on this website then check out the buyers guide on the VW Camper Guide (http://www.vwcamperguide.com) website. They have lots of great tips to help you locate the perfect VW camper.

There you have it, second hand VW vans for sale in the UK, a little pricy but so worth the effort!


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