Selling your car: checklist

When selling your car a checklist might be required by some companies, or even issued for you. However, even if you plan on selling your car privately or the company does not request a checklist it's always a good idea to write your own so the transaction goes smoothly and the buyer knows exactly what they're getting.

Selling your car: checklist items

Before selling your car, use a checklist with some of the following suggestions. The items on the list below are things you should consider yourself, whether you're selling the car privately or to a company. Other companies may require a different checklist.

  • Have you recently changed the registration? Try to wait a few months before selling the car if you have.
  • Are you selling the car in a holiday season, such as around Christmas? People are less likely to have money after times like Christmas so it may be worth selling your car before then (when potential buyers may be looking for one as a present) or a good few months afterwards.
  • Is there anything you can do to prepare the car for purchase? Don't include anything you need to spend money on unless it's a major requirement. You should only really think about keeping the car clean or repairing anything that may be covered by your insurance. Consider having the car valeted.
  • Have you got all the documentation for the car? Keep this together in a booklet for potential buyers. If you're lacking any documentation you may need try and request these from the company you purchased the car from.

Selling your car checklist for companies

If you're considering going to a car trader to sell your car, such as We Buy Any Car, you should expect the following to be required from you:

  • The car's V5 logbook as proof of ownership
  • Your driving license
  • Proof of address (sometimes two forms) which include utility bills within the last few months (normally 6 months)
  • Service history or information for the car
  • The owner's manual (in some cases)
  • A valid MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • A letter from your finance office if there is still outstanding finance on the car

Things to consider when selling your car

As well as a selling car checklist you need to consider how you want to sell your car. If you're trading your car in or selling to a company you should research the company first and understand that the 'whole deal' price is the one that counts - don't be afraid to try and negotiate with big companies, either.

If you're selling by auction you should expect a considerably lower price than selling private or trading in. When selling private, remember to always be honest about the condition of the car and limit your advertising to facts about the car, such as model, history, mileage and age. Never part with your car until the funds have cleared in your account.

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