Where should I go when selling my car?

As very few people can afford to buy a new car before selling their old car, and because they won't often realise the car's full value through part exchange, the question most of us ask when we're ready to buy a new car is: where should I go when selling my old car?

Answering the question ‘where should I go when selling my car’ isn’t straight forward as there are so many different places you can go to sell your car. One of the easiest places to go to is a car dealer. With websites likewebuyanycar.com and wewillbuyyourcar.com that doesn’t have to mean selling to a local garage. Whether you sell through a website or to a local dealer, in most cases, you will realise more money if you sell privately.

Selling Privately

Today selling privately doesn’t have to mean placing an advert in Autotrader magazine and waiting for the next edition to be printed, as the publication augments your print advert with an online listing. Websites like autotrader.co.uk and exhangeandmart.co.uk charge for advertising but sites like gumtree.com and freeads.co.uk allow you to list most products for free.

Auction Websites

If you try traditional methods and find that they attract too many timewasters or not enough attention, you could list your car on eBay. An auction listing has a number of advantages over a classified listing. You won’t need to price the vehicle, so you can avoid the headache of deciding whether to price the car above or below the price of other similar cars listing and you can limit the auction to bidders with high feedback ratings to lower the chances of a winning bidder backing out of the sale.

Final Word

The answer to the question, ‘where should I go when selling my car’ is to stay indoors and list the car online. If you choose to do so you should take advantage of the free ads and list your car on multiple sites to gain as much interest as possible.

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