Selling the family car

With making ends meet a priority, one in five households have resorted to selling a car in order to drum up much-needed funds.

You can hardly blame them considering that, in the space of a year, the cost of filling up a family car has risen by almost a third.

And 20 percent of us now rely on public transport to get us around. Phil Jones, commercial director of Motors.co.uk, which commissioned the research, said: 'These figures show concrete evidence of the everyday sacrifices that motorists are making. Extracurricular activities, nursery places, family days out; the things we previously took for granted are now seen as luxuries.'

Nearly half of all parents claim that they can no longer afford family days out at theme parks or zoos owing to the cost of transport. And it's not just fuel, insurance premiums are also on the rise averaging £1,100 in July. Add to that a rise in inflation that sees families £11 a week worse off, it's hardly surprising that increasing numbers are looking for alternative ways to get around. While most cars sold prove to be second cars, one in fifty families have sold their cherished only car according to the YouGov survey of 2000 adults.

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