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  • The Origins of Stupidity

    The Origins of Stupidity

    America's Christian Right have long hijacked the internet to broadcast their ideas, no matter how ropey. Well a recent campaign by the Church to distribute free copies of Darwin's The Origin of Species, with a 'special' 50 page foreword by a leading Evangelical, has caused one savvy web user to strike back. The mystery girl is smart, straight to the point, and, eeeek, foreign

  • Did you know? 4.0

    Did you know? 4.0

    These little 'did you know' clips are full of shocking things about the information revolution (i.e one Google search uses enough electricity to power a 60 watt lightbulb for half a second, Obama can detonate a nuclear bomb on his cell etc etc) which are in fact 75% made up. The fact that we believe them because they're on a video viral is the point.

  • Danyl's massive helping of X Factor

    Danyl's massive helping of X Factor

    X Factor is a guilty pleasure round these parts, and nothing makes us weep in secret behind a sofa cushion than when someone as amazing as Danyl Johnson comes on. Not only is Danyl the teacher you wish you never had, he's a soul king and a right old stud muffin with it. Could he get any better?

  • The T-Pain iphone app

    The T-Pain iphone app

    Do you want to sing like an r'n'b star with a really synthezized voice? Well now you can, courtesy of the T-Pain iphone app. So much drunken karaoke potential with this one.

  • Mums on Facebook: not good

    Mums on Facebook: not good

    Ever wondered what would happen if your mum learned all the tricks of the social networking trade - tagging, following etc - and then started keeping tabs on you with a fake profile? Well, it would be very funny

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