Shelby GT Mustang 2014: Entry-level Shelby Ford Mustang Shown at LA Auto Show

At the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, Shelby unveiled this monster machine to the press and public. The 2014 Shelby GT is set to become the firm’s entry-level Ford Mustang when it’s launched next year.

This new machine uses the same name as the 2007 – 2008 machine that Shelby slotted into the Mustang line-up between the Ford Mustang GT and the Ford Shelby GT500. That model was based on the Ford Shelby GT-H that they’d developed for Hertz Rental. There’s nothing rent-a-car about this latest incarnation.

The Shelby GT is based on the 2014 Mustang GT but increases power to 430bhp thanks to new intakes and exhausts. It features Ford Racing suspension, new tyres and upgraded brakes. Of course, there’s a racing stripe and a Shelby body kit to distinguish this from other Mustangs. If the 430bhp isn’t enough, drivers can choose the Shelby GT/SC that has a supercharged V8 that is available in two states of tune - either 525bhp or 624bhp. The 624bhp version is good for a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds. Unfortunately Shelby hasn’t given us any top speeds for the V8 muscle car but they’ve told us it can pull over 1G on the skid pad.

PHOTO GALLERY: Shelby GT Mustang 2014

Well there’s a lot of speed and power but it comes at a price. We haven’t been given any figures from the European distributors but in America it will come in at $14,995 (£9,252) plus the cost of a new Ford Mustang. Shelby are not stocking up with Ford Mustangs to modify so you’ll have to purchase one and have it sent to Shelby for the modifications. Shelby America is based in Las Vegas, Nevada which could cause a problem or two for some buyers. That alone, probably puts this new machine out of the reach of most British drivers.

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