Sheppey crossing bridge in Kent reopens after record pile-up

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The Sheppey crossing bridge on the A249 in Kent has reopened this afternoon at 5:30 after a record pile-up involving more than 100 vehicles. The thick fog that had unexpectedly set down in the early hours and drivers apparently not using fog-lights are to blame for the incredible accident on the busy motorway.

Luckily, no fatalities were reported, although 8 people were seriously injured and more than 200 required some kind of medical assistance. Injured people were taken by more than 30 ambulances to 6 different hospitals in Ashford, Medway, Canterbury, London, Margate and Maidstone, while the uninjured as well as the walking wounded were escorted on the nearby Sittingbourne side.

The police took more than 8 hours to free the road from wreckages and debris, with the scorching weather that followed the early morning crash making the situation even more difficult for those stranded on the motorway. All the motorists involved in the pile-up finally managed to to leave by 3:30 pm.

It has emerged that the scenario would have been much worse if a lorry driver didn't have the promptness to park his vehicle across the road to avoid further piling on. Kent Police Chief Inspector Andy Reeves, who was at the scene of the shocking accident, declared: "From my perspective, it's truly miraculous. It's very fortunate there were no fatalities."

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