‘Short range sustainable mobility’

Geneva’s the place to be next month for all car lovers – and not least because the 2011 motor show will see the launch of Toyota’s iQ-based electric prototype.

The Japanese firm boasts that the new car represents ‘Toyota’s long-term vision for short-range sustainable mobility.’

The prototype uses the flat-lithium-ion battery from the plug-in Prius and while ery much a diddy car, the battery will be hidden under the floor so as not to use up too much space.

Final specifications are as yet unknown, though the battery pack is said to be good for at least 65 miles. After trials later this year, it could be on our roads by 2012.

Toyota will be displaying the vehicle at Geneva alongside the new FT-86 Concept I, the seven-seater Prius+ and the Yaris HSD.

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