Should you look to eBay for motorcycles for sale?

eBay offers many motorcycles for sale, with dozens of styles, brands and price ranges. But, is it a good and safe option for you? Is purchasing a motorcycle online a wise decision? It can be if you follow some simple rules.

Before you bid on a motorcycle you see listed on eBay, be sure the seller is legitimate. It's extremely inadvisable to make a purchase from a seller with no reputation or with anything less than a 90% positive rating. A 90% positive rating may be acceptable for smaller purchases, but do you really want to risk a 10% chance that something will go wrong with such a major purchase? Probably not.

One seller currently offering a 2009 Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere is offering it for £3,795. As a legitimate seller, he offers a vehicle history report you can purchase prior to bidding, and notes that the tax is current. Ideally, you want such a seller to have 100% positive feedback with many sales under his belt.

Be sure the motorcycle for sale on eBay has a fair price. Check local shops and adverts for prices. It's also a good idea to look up completed sales on similar motorcycles to make sure you're not bidding more than the bike's worth. Once you've determined your top limit, don't go over that amount. It's easy to get caught up in the bidding process, but if you don't restrain yourself, you might end up paying too much. Remember, if you have the winning bid, you're legally bound to follow through on the purchase. YouClaim has a guide for purchasing a used motorcycle. Its advice applies to all used motorcycle sales. You can read it at: youclaim.co.uk/Motorcycle accident/Buying a motorcycle.htm.

If you can, take the bike for a test ride before you bid on it to be sure it runs properly. If the seller doesn't allow test runs, or refuses send more photos if you request them, stop. A legitimate seller should allow you to take a look at the bike up close, to check out the engine and see how it works. There's something wrong if you're not permitted to touch the bike until it's sold.

You should also verify the motorcycle's history. Don't just take the seller's word for it. You can check any motor vehicle's complete history if you have the proper registration number by putting it into the system at HPI: hpicheck.com/

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