Silverstone Classic 2013 Highlights on TV

This year's Silverstone Classic saw a record crowd of 90,000 visitors and 1,113 competitors, but the record that everyone remembers from the event is the 1,200 Porsche 911s that took to the Grand Prix circuit to honour the rear-engine sports car's 50th year. Now millions will be able to enjoy the action because ITV has confirmed that highlights of the Silverstone Classic 2013 will be shown on ITV 4.

The Silverstone Classic is a very new event to the motorsport calendar, but it’s one that is trying to build quickly. The organisers are using record setting events to publicise the event and set it above rivals like the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Whereas the Festival of Speed featured the Porsche 911 as its centrepiece car, this year’s Silverstone Classic honoured the Porsche 911’s 50th anniversary on track as the home of the British Grand Prix played host to a total of 1,208 Porsche 911s on its famous Grand Prix layout.

The sight of that many 911s was breath taking and helped to raise money for the cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow. Mark Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Porsche the 911’s designer, was even on hand. He got the event underway and was joined by a collection of the marque’s most famous and successful racing car drivers like Derek Bell MBE, a multiple Le Mans winner, and Richard Attwood, himself a Le Mans 24 Hours winner. The remainder of the convoy was made up of Porsche owners and enthusiasts.

Highlights of this year’s Silverstone Classic will be televised on 15th August on ITV 4 at 9pm. The show will be hosted by Louise Goodman, who is familiar to anyone who watches the channel’s coverage of the British Touring Car Championship. There will also be several repeat showings beginning on 18th August and culminating in a broadcast at Christmas time.

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