Sinclair C5 MKII?

If you watched the BBC’s future show Tomorrow’s World circa 1984 you would have seen the 3 wheeling future of commuting; the infamous Sinclair C5. Of course we all know how history panned out and, although a lovely idea (we’re being kind) Brits chose to stick to petrol powered cars instead of pedal power.

Next week at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, though, Honda will unveil their brand new3-wheeler concept the 3R-C and first impressions are the C5 MKII. Billed as an all weather motorbike for the urban commuter the 3R-Concept is also battery powered.

Judging by the initial pictures, the Honda 3R-C does look like a vehicle for from future, but will it be part of our daily commmute? Only the future knows.

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