Six Tips to Save on Fuel

Unless you have vast oil reserves in your backyard, you’re probably feeling the strain of rising petrol costs more than ever. Before you go selling body parts in exchange for cold cash, why not try some of these tips to save on fuel?

  • Stick it in tight! The petrol cap, that is. Did you know that petrol can actually evaporate if the cap is even the slightest bit loose? So wedge it in, lads!
  • Stay out of the sun. Petrol evaporates at higher temperatures too.
  • Don’t fill the tank to the brim. You won’t get to use it anyway, so why spend extra? As the Spice Girls once sang, “Too much of something is bad enough.”
  • Keep your tyres in top shape. The worse they are for wear, the harder it is to get them going, the more fuel it’ll take to keep it at a certain speed. Get it?
  • Have the air filters replaced. When clogged with all sorts of nasty, grimy stuff your car accumulates on the road, the engine’s efficiency decreases, thus using up more petrol.
  • Maintenance is the key. Maybe you can get away with skimping with your girl, but with your car? No way! To keep it running properly, get it checked-up regularly. That way you don’t have to spend on repairs, fix-ups, and excess fuel.

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