Skoda thinks bike

The pronounced division between cyclists and motorists was bridged by an unlikely party at the UK’s premier biking event.

Skoda was out in full force at The London Bike Show, offering visitors the chance to test both bikes and cars alike, as well as offering prizes and being all round good guys.

If you go down to the Show today, be sure to test the off-roading capability of Skoda’s 4x4, the Yeti.

The firm’s stand will also have a pump track and mountain bike circuit for testing bikes. Skoda has teamed up with members of Rapha Condor Sharp and Team Raleigh to offer advice to cyclists. It’s not as bizarre as it sounds, as Skoda provides support vehicles for both teams, as they travel the world.

The prize in question is a once-in-a-lifetime trip in the Team Raleigh support car at a 2011 UK cycling event of your choice. This includes the prestigious Tour of Britain.

Heidi Carteledge, Head of Marketing at Skoda UK, said: ‘Cycling is a sport that is deep-rooted in the history and heritage of Skoda, and it is therefore important that we support its future. Our cars are favoured by cyclists as they are robust, reliable and spacious, and we will continue to manufacture cars that suit their needs. This show is really important to us, which is why we have put on such a spectacular display. We want to offer a space that allows visitors to try out bikes and cars alike, as well as offering a sense of excitement and fun.’

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