Skoda’s minicar: sneak preview

In 2012, Volksvagen AG’s Skoda brand is planning to shake up the small car market by launching a seriously diddy car.

Pictures of the new Skoda minicar, which is currently being tested in North America, suggest it will share a platform with the soon to be launched Volkswagen Up vehicle. The German giant’s small car platform will also include a new Seat, the Spanish car brand owned by VW.

Test models currently being tested are all 3 door variants, but it is rumoured that a 5 door and even a sedan are in the pipeline.

The new Skoda is set to be powered by an ultra small 1 litre gasoline engine or a slightly larger 1.2-litre diesel. An electric model could also be forthcoming.

The Skoda, VW and Seat minicars will all go into production in the second half of 2011.

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