Skyteam motorcycles - all you need to know

Skyteam produce some high quality motorbikes at affordable prices. The following is some helpful information on Skyteam motorcycles and where to get them.


Skyteam was established in 1999 in China. They specialise in on road and off road motorcycles. They use advanced international and Chinese technology to develop bikes to the highest standard. Skyteam have worked closely with established Japanese motorcycle brand names and offers bikes of a similar high quality at competitive prices. The business has grown steadily over the last number of years and they now have impressive workshops with 2 assembly lines, 1 package line, 1 motorcycle test line and 1 engine test line.

Skyteam Motorcycles

Skyteam produce a range of different sizes and models of motorcycle. Their products range from range from 50cc, 100cc and 250cc scooters, cruisers, sports bikes and enduro bikes. They have over 45 models and 26 of these have got EEC approval and another 14 models have CE approval. They also produce a range of accessories and spare parts for their bikes.

Where to get them

Chinese Motorcycle Dealers are the largest dealer network of Chinese bikes and scooters in the UK. They are based in Devon in the south west of the UK and the network operates nationwide. They maintain daily contact and have an excellent working relationship with the Skyteam manufacturing plants in China. Autotrader is the UK's number 1 site for buying and selling new and used motorcycles online. They have a comprehensive catalogue of bikes for sale throughout the country including a number of Skyteam motorcycles.

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