Slow coaches causing chaos

Britain's drivers are demanding that something be done about dawdlers, with a new poll revealing that UK motorists believe that Sunday drivers pose one of the biggest frustrations on the road.

A survey, conducted by Confused.com, shows that 60 percent of motorists experience increaed stress when they encounter a car that's driving slower than all the other cars. According to figures for 2009 from the Department of Transport nearly a third of all drivers have had an accident or near miss due to a slow coach.

'Slow drivers need to be taken as seriously as motorists caught speeding. Findings confirm they are a constant source of anxiety and responsible for a large amount of accidents each year,' said Confused.com's Gareth Kloet. 'The government introduced speed cameras and now even a super-speed camera, so should also consider the same rigour to combat slow driving.'

Peter Rodger, who is the chief examiner for the Institute of Advanced of Motorists (IAM), added: 'All forms of inconsiderate driving need to be tackled. Drivers who are unnecessarily excessively slow lead others to make rash moves.'

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