Smart car theft for dummies

The car industry has met head on with modern advances in technology. Already, cars interact with the driver, diagnose errors and in some cases even drive themselves. Soon we’ll have social networking in our cars too.

But , wouldn’t you know, not everything is rosy in the garden. A study made by a team of Swiss scientists has found that the ‘smart cars’ of today are more vulnerable than ever to attacks.

The boffins looked at 10 different car models from eight manufacturers and discovered that, with the right know-how, stealing a car is in fact easier now than it used to be.

Without using a key or forcing the doors, the scientists were able to access each of the ten motors. And they did it on the cheap too – the hardware required for a wired attack cost less than 50 nicker!

Of course, the precise details of how they did it have been kept under wraps for obvious reasons, but basically the team created two scenarios: in the first they got a car to start remotely by using an antenna to communicate with the car’s key. In the second scenario, the team were able to start a car from within a short proximity of the owner’s key fob.

So, smart cars not so clever afterall.

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