Smart Parking App Rolled Out in London

Parking in city streets is a chore no matter what car you drive but the worst thing about parking isn’t manoeuvring the car into a tight space or twisting your neck around to see behind you, it’s actually finding a free car parking space in the first place. The developers of a new smart parking apphave come to the rescue because it helps drivers find free parking spaces in the capital.

The new system is being rolled out across London’s West End next week. The new parking system’s being implemented by Smart Parking and Westminster Council who will begin to add 3,000 infra-red sensors to parking spaces across the West End beginning on 20th January. All the sensor does is tell the system if a car’s parked over it or not to determine if the space is free or taken.

Drivers use an app called ParkRight that works in real time to show parking availability and to direct them to the free parking space. For businesses this will be a big boost as van drivers will be able to see where there’s space available near to a delivery address. With this system in place couriers and online supermarket delivery van drivers will be able to make quicker and less obstructive drop-offs.

We’ve been told that the initial phase will take three years to complete and that Westminster Council has invested close to £900,000 on the project so far which has been paid for by parking fees collected throughout Westminster. There’s been a successful trial already in five streets where 189 sensors were installed so the council have been able to iron out any issues before the system’s full implementation.

If you live in the area or if you travel to Westminster often you might like to download the app which is available for Android and iOS devices through Google store and Apple Store.

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