Sneak peak at the new BMW M5

Can't wait until next week for the official unveiling of the BMW M5? No, neither can we. So luck is at hand, as pictures and details of BMW's new performance saloon have been leaked onto the internet.

Feast your eyes on the picture above, and notice the skirts, flared arches and front bumper additions.

Under the rear bumper lies a pair of twin exhausts, and there's also an oh-so-subtle spoiler, that seductively hints at the twin-turbo V8 engine purring under the bonnet.

Official details are due out next week, but Excite Motoring has learnt that full torque, or pulling power, is expected from very low revs. And with its power set to top 500bhp, a 0-62 time of less than 4.5 seconds is likely.

And after going on sale in the UK in November, it could be all yours for just £75,000. Our advice: start thinking about taking a second mortgage out now.

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