Get Yourself a Pair of Snow Socks for Tires Before Winter Hits

The majority of us don’t live where it snows very much, but a new device called snow socks for tires can help when it does. When it does snow, it usually catches us unaware and ill prepared. Buying winter tyres often seems like an unnecessary expense for the odd day of freezing temperatures.

A Successful Alternative to Chains and Winter Tyres

Snow socks are a recent arrival on the automotive scene, to the delight of many a snow chain user. The socks are made of an especially strong textile designed to grip snow and ice. The mechanics of how they work is in the fabric, which apparently works like little fuzzy teeth. The fuzzier it gets, the better the socks work. They provide improved road grip, braking and overall control on the road.

How They Are Applied/Removed

The snow socks are very lightweight and easy to handle. They are shaped somewhat like a huge hairnet. You simply place a portion of the elasticised sock over the top of the tyre and work it around as much of the tyre as you can. Then you get in the car and roll it a bit to allow for getting the rest of the sock around the tyre. One person can do this, although two will make the job easier. As you drive, the sock will reposition itself to its most effective spot.

Removal is much the reverse of the application. However, getting it off is more of a two-person exercise, as it requires a good deal of tugging to get the sock started over the top of the tire.

Cost and Other Information

Searching the Internet produced a good number of suppliers for snow socks. Costs ranged from £49.95 to £76.50 for cars. They are also available for truck of all sizes, as well. These new car tools and accessories can literally be lifesavers when bad weather hits. Having a pair of snow socks for tires in the boot can get you safely home.

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